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Classic Gentlemen’s Haircut

Comb-over, slicked back, Cesars & Edgars, under-cut, even-all-over, classic mo-hawks, classic bowls, etc. Just $10 extra for skin taper-fade or taper. Shampoo not included. $5 off for boys.

Skin Taper-Fades (Double Zero)

Shaver literally maximizes hairlessness increasing your fade threshold making the freshness of your haircut look and feel longer lasting. Also referred to as a double-zero-fade.

Hot Towel, Lather, Straight Razor Shave

$55 for 5-star shave services when you just desire that extra sharpness and closeness to the skin. Hot towel, shaving gel/cream, and lather included. $16 as an added service.

Skin Taper-Fades + Beard-Trim

Bundled only for an addition $15 as an added service. Complimentary when choosing this service, shaver literally balds under your chin making it impossible to have a 5’o’clock shadow.

Lady’s Blunt Haircut

Shears cut hair evenly straight across, one cut all the way through. Minimal styling, minimal layering, minimal detailing. Includes bobs, shobs (short bobs), and lobs (long bobs), pixies, & some shape-ups.

Classic Lady’s Haircut

Wavy long layers, big bouncy curls, shags, mullets, clippers cuts, styled bobs, custom pixies, crops, various lengths, undercuts, etc. Skin taper-fades included. $10 off for girls. $45 for blunt cut.

Root Retouch

We have everything needed to fulfill all your hair related cosmetology needs. Add dimension to your hair with lowlights or highlights. We have everything needed to fulfill all your needs. Shampoo & blow dry included. $10 off for girls.


Styling, highlighting, ombre, classic balayage, and custom smudges all included in coloring.
Infinite hues, blends, and shades customized for you with up to 90% organically acquired color. Shampoo & blow dry included. $10 off for girls.

What Makes Our Business Unique?

What is EFFICIENCY, relaxation, & flexibility?

The signature of Valley Mobile Haircuts is unique because now family and staff members (social workers, caregivers, nurses, assisted living program managers, etc.) have experienced traveling hairstylists to recommend in the event their loved ones or residents value an actual, real haircut.

Set your appointment time by scrolling down our services list, select our ‘Integrity Fee’ ($10 deposit) option, skip the “Book Another Service” section (unless applicable), and select the time that’s best for you. Once paid, we’ll contact you to discuss details over the phone.

Steps of our service process: (A) Tarp is laid on floor to catch trimmings, (B) Hair is serviced, (C) Tarp is folded and trimmings are discarded by your stylist. After services are completed, pay the remaining service charge.

Born and raised in Houston, TX, Travis began his barbering apprenticeship at 12 years old thanks to Trend Barber College founded by his father Nelson “O.B.” Mbachu Sr. At the age of 13, grown entire families would regularly request his services at the barber college where soon after not only was he teaching new students on how to barber, eventually the students and staff would often sit in his chair before sitting in the chairs of other senior barbers in the college. After years of providing haircuts for his friends, family, and the ever so heartwarming Houstonians in Texas, he decided to take his barbering skills to Los Angeles where he honed his skills with not only coarse hair but curly, wavy, and straight hair as well. When he moved to the Bay Area, he ramped up his marketing knowledge, and then finally relocating to the Central Valley area where he perfected his skills with styling hair and began his education in hair related cosmetology in Stockton, CA. The idea of becoming a traveling-stylist was only introduced when the corona-virus closed down the Modesto barbershop he was working at at the time.This inevitably lead him to travel all the way to Sacramento where some of his clients lived. Falling in love with the cowbell ringing Kings fans and the Sacramentans refreshingly southern culture, Travis decided Sacramento would be his new home for himself as well as his business. Travis does not in any way attribute the 2022 Playoff success of the Kings to his coincidental move to Sacramento the same year. Travis says that was all the Sacramento Kings, including Mike Brown. Travis hopes to provide services to the Kings players one day but until then, he’ll continue assisting northern Californians in need of mobile barbering and mobile hairdressing services.

“It warms my heart to provide a service to someone who just wants a real haircut!”

– Travis Mbachu

like doordash, grubhub, postmates, & ubereats…

We Go The Extra Mile To Provide Haircutting Services

Valley Mobile Haircuts is a full service hair cutting delivery business created for a society that ever so more needs speed, convenience, and the conversational element that inevitable manifests between a client and their traveling stylist.

Valley Mobile Haircuts Is Here For You


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What Clients Say About Us

Always on time to our appointments. And my wife’s eyes lights up every time he’s finished with my haircut!” – Gregory


    Agricultural Consultant

    “The corona virus closed down the salon I frequented Travis at, now he comes to me. I trust Travis to go above and beyond for me and any of my friends I refer to him!”


      Care Home Patient

      “Travis recommended a comb-over high-medium zero skin taper-fade with Johnny B gel on the top. The service and haircut was fantastic. I look forward to my next haircut.”


        Game Designer

        “Travis comes to my family’s estate to make sure I’m looking my best. My mother asked if he does hair coloring and his immediate response was, “Temporary or Permanent?”. She booked the next week.”


          Mortgage Broker

          “Travis is amazing. Having somebody that actually comes to the house on my time and my terms, in the comfort of my living room and still let me work and get the things that I need done… The service is worth every penny.”


            Project Supervisor

            “Excellect haircut! When Travis left, my wife said, “I didn’t know I married the most handsome man in the world”


              Technology Engineer

              “One of the best haircuts I ever had. I strongly recommend! You’ll not only have a barber, you’ll have a friend as well.”