“I’m Travis. I’d like to show you some of my work so we can move this process forward and you can get to know me more as a barber-stylist before you make your final decision on where to get your next haircut.”

Portfolio & Commentary

Pompadour Low Skin-Fade & 5-Star Lined-Up Beard-Trim (Angle #1)

This is that haircut you get when the weathers just right. Johnny B hair gel in full effect. Notice how sharp that beard-trim line is.

Low Skin-Taper & Edge-Up Around Dreads (Angle #1)

As you can see a wrapped a hair-band around his head for maximum control while providing him barbering services. All future clients get the same attention to detail.

Curly Pompadour Low Taper-Fade (Angle #1)

The product applied on top of the head is a mousse to provide that extra buoyancy that hair gel can replicate but not copy.

Wide Mo-Hawk Skin-Fade & 5-Star Sharpened Design (Angle #1)

I remember my client specifically stating to do anything I want with his hair and this was the result. He started making that face afterwards. Glad I could make him feel that way.

Low-Medium Skin-Fade (Angle #1)

Johnny B Hair gel in full effect. This is my guys business. He knows I’ll always pull up and give him his favorite hairstyle so he can work at his best!

Medium Skin-Fade (Angle #2)

This angle was taken to highlight the beard-trim and show that paying that $15 for the extra service can not only save you the time shaving but enhance your look as well.

Medium Skin-Fade (Angle #1)

This angle shows the fade where you can see the blending skills of how the bald skin gradudually builds to the top of his head until the top where his hair is about 3 finger lengths

Medium Skin-Fade (Angle #3)

This angle was just the show that our barbers and hair stylists will be always encouraged to stay clean and organized before, during, and after the process of haircutting.

Curly Under Cut Low Taper-Fade (Angle #1)

This angle shows the back taper-fade. Keep in mind, the style could be edged up in a classic square shape and still look good but the taper is definitely an enhancement.

Thin Mo-Hawk Skin-Fade (Angle #1)

I went ahead and got out the shaving cream and 5-Star single blade so we can see that tattoo for 2 days longer. As you can see by the spikes, I carry Johnny B hair gel in my travel-barber kit at all times.

With The Grain Low Taper-Fade (Angle #1)

I took my time and used a 2-guard to barber his hair with the grain allowing him to maximize his wavebility after he told me he’s working on his waves.

Medium-High Skin-Fade (Angle #1)

Flawless! Believe it or not, this skin-fade was crafted without the 5-Star Single blade tool by the trimmers alone with a technique that involves stretching the skin to maximize skinlessness.

High Skin-Fade (Angle #1)

Similar haircut. This is a great chance to explain how the 5-Star Single blade shave would make that old scar nearly invisible. Nonetheless a great haircut indeed.

Classic Haircut (Even-All-Over w/ Edge-Up) (Angle #1)

This little guy here. The trimmers weren’t even on. This was just for a highlight image. Despite the resistance and the whining, I’ll always go out of my way to make sure your child has a great haircut.

Medium Skin-Drop-Fade (Angle #1)

Words directly from my client, “Always on time to our appointments. And my wife’s eyes lights up every time he’s finished with my haircut!” 

Medium Skin-Drop-Fade (Angle #2)

It was my idea to cut his beard-trim like that. I don’t know why that style is more popular. I got my beard the exact same way as I’m typing this.

Medium 2-Guard-Fade w/ Design (Angle #1)

This hotel haircut is a fade where the 2-guard is use on the side and back because my guy didn’t want his fade going all the way down to his skin because he wanted a design with his son’s name.