“I trust Tray with my little brother, my little cousins, my uncles, and my father. In fact, it was my close relative that recommended him to all of us and he was at our residency in no time.” – Clientele

“Tray recommended a comb-over high-medium zero taper-fade with gel on the top and I was extremely happy with the results!” – Clientele

“I trust Tray to go above and beyond for me and any of my friends I refer to him!” – Clientele

“Always on time to our appointments. And my wife’s eyes lights up every time he’s finished with my haircut!” – Clientele

“Tray has went out of his way to provide his travel-barberstylist services to me and my loved ones by visiting me @ my multiple business before and after work.” – Clientele

“Tray has provided his travel-barberstylist services to my whole family. He even enjoyed the music we played and barbered extra people the same day that asked for his services after the fact.” – Clientele

“There’s not another barber on Planet Earth that I’ve never been more loyal to like I have been to Tray Tray.” – Clientele

“When my parents picked me up from my care home they were so excited for me! My mom and dad requested my identity to remain private and Tray honored that.” – Clientele

“Tray was able to provide services @ my hotel room during my short stay in town for work.” – Clientele

“I’m the owner and operator of a caregiver company that needed a mobile barber for my patients, Tray has proven he can style a variety of hair types.” – Clientele

“I can’t wait until Travis cuts my hair again. Anytime I ride all the way to the barbershop I’m never satisfied.” – Clientele


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